Berko Loql is a collective of local businesses working together to better serve the community and foster a stonger local economy

High time for helping the High Street

It’s tough being an independent business. Even tougher when your competition comes in the form of huge international online platforms.

Taking a traditional bricks-and-morter business online is expensive, time consuming and often quite bewildering. Especially when you’re trying to do it all yourself.

But what if small businesses could work together to share that cost and complexity and to maximise the impact digital can have on their business, the local economy and community?

Collective Community Commerce

By coming together, small businesses have the opportunity to share resources, reach more people and get access to better digital tools and services. And that’s where we come in.

Berko Loql is an online marketplace where local businesses can easily sell their products or services to local people at low cost and without losing any control over how their business operates.

Very soon they will also have access to a pool of electric delivery vehicles so orders reach customers in as quick and eco-friendly way as possible.

About Loql

Loql is a team of digital experts and local business people focused on making a difference to our high streets. Berkhamsted is the first community we’re looking to help with many more across the UK to follow.

We’re a not for profit organisation so any money we make above our running costs is invested back into the products, services and infrastructure we provide to those communities.

Hold on. Getting your basket...